NVIDIA RTX Remix Brings DLSS 3.5 Gaming Magic!

With NVIDIA RTX Remix Open Beta, Nvidia is providing new features and optimizations, including NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 with Ray Reconstruction

Nvidia is also checking in with Half-Life 2 RTX: An NVIDIA RTX Remix Project and looking at some unfinished RTX Remix modules

DLSS 3.5 with Ray Reconstruction in the NVIDIA RTX Remix modding toolset has improved ray-traced graphics for many vintage titles

NVIDIA RTX Remix Runtime, which includes DLSS 3.5 Ray Reconstruction, can be downloaded from GitHub or obtained by updating the RTX Remix Application

Ray tracing fidelity, transparency rendering, and texture clarity are all increased with the use of Ray Reconstruction

The mod includes comprehensive ray tracing for some lights and DLSS Ray Reconstruction to improve texturing and tracing

Four of the best mod teams for the game, Orbifold Studios, are now working on an RTX Remix Project