NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution

Mozilla Firefox is the most recent partner to integrate NVIDIA RTX Video, a feature that use AI to enhance the quality of video on Windows workstations and PCs

Streaming videos on PCs and workstations with NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics is sharper and more detailed without a higher-resolution source

Low-resolution video is upsized by NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution to produce clearer, more vivid images

In order to forecast what the higher-resolution version should look like, deep learning is used to analyse the lower-resolution footage

RTX Video Super Resolution‘s innovation in AI pixel processing significantly raises the quality of streamed video content

The system makes use of a deep learning network that can complete compression artefact reduction and upscaling in a single pass

NVIDIA RTX Video HDR enables producers and gamers to optimise the dynamic colour reproduction of their HDR panels

With its most recent stable version (v126), Mozilla Firefox now supports NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution and HDR

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