OneLake: Microsoft Fabric Data Lake Simplification

Azure will first investigate the barriers that keep people from finding, obtaining, and using data to innovate and improve decision-making

Data teams can manage your data, promote high-quality data to promote utilisation, and control access using the OneLake data hub

OneLake is another name for Microsoft Fabric Lake. It is a feature of the Fabric service that gives all organisational data operating in the experiences a single, accessible area to be stored

On ADLS Gen2, OneLake is constructed. It offers a tenant-wide data storage and a unified SaaS experience for both professional and amateur developers

Individual developers provide and setup their own segregated storage accounts, creating the ubiquitous and disorderly data silos that exist today

The necessary tools, data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, business users, and data stewards may all feel perfectly at home in the analytics proces

Demonstrate how you can integrate reports and insights from Power BI with third-party programs like Salesforce and the SAP as well as your own products like Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Power Platform