OPPO 6G White Paper Security: Presenting the "AI+6G" Concept

OPPO 6G White Paper unveils ‘AI+6G’ vision in and Security White Paper In two new white papers, the 2023 OPPO 6G White Paper and the 6G Security White Paper

The two papers look ahead to the new possibilities of intelligent connectivity and outline a 6G roadmap as global standards are formed

OPPO Explores AI-Driven 6G for Mobile Metaverse and AI Computing

OPPO 6G White Paper 2023 examines how 6G will activate two mutually empowered new billion-user markets Mobile AI Computing and Mobile Metaverse

The proposed system design uses’minimal-to-full kernel switching’ to dynamically access the optimal processing units for efficient, flexible network performance

The second paper, the OPPO 6G Security White Paper, addresses 6G network security issues

The paper examines how 6G security priorities will shift from data transmission to data and user privacy

OPPO 6G white paper has started researching 6G technology in 2019, intending it as the first technology for communication