OPPO Enhances AI Phone Access for 50 Million Users

By integrating generative AI into every product line, OPPO promises to democratise AI phones

OPPO will engage with Google, MediaTek, Microsoft, and others to develop AI phone experiences in addition to building its own AI capabilities

Smartphones are positioned as the most significant personal AI device due to its wide worldwide reach, sophisticated connection, and multimodal capabilities

OPPO has introduced more than 100 generative AI capabilities to its phones this year as a result of its advancements in AI technology

In order to explore how AI phones will allow more people to benefit from AI, OPPO invited industry experts to a panel discussion

OPPO’s AI phones come with a plethora of cutting-edge capabilities that are designed to ignite creativity and increase productivity

Combining LLMs with fast transcription can boost productivity by helping users process more information and translate in real time