Oppo Reno11 Series Have Generative AI

Establishing an Artificial Intelligence Center and Announcement of the Arrival of Generative AI Features on the Reno Series

Contemporary artificial intelligence cellphones are going to be the third key bothersome generation in mobile phone sales, when feature phones and smartphone

In hopes of being able to cooperatively promote innovation within the mobile phone sector and change the innovative experience that mobile phones provide

Artificial intelligence smartphones need to make effective use of processing resources in order to fulfill the computational requirements of generative AI

Smartphones equipped with artificial intelligence should be able to perceive the actual world in real time by means of sensors

Artificial intelligence smartphones must also be equipped with robust capabilities for self-learning

The AndesGPT language model, which incorporates as much as 180 billion parameters, is Oppo Reno11 Series very own huge language model that was just unveiled

OPPO’s generative artificial intelligence technologies, which include intelligent object removal in images and phone conversation summary