Optical I/O Shines Intel’s OCI Chiplet Powers Next-Decade AI

The first-ever fully integrated optical computing interconnect (OCI) chiplet, co-packaged with an Intel CPU and executing real data

By enabling co-packaged optical input/output (I/O) in developing AI infrastructure for data centres and high performance computing (HPC) applications

This is the first OCI chiplet, intended to meet the increasing demands of AI infrastructure for greater bandwidth

Large language models (LLM) and generative AI are two recent advancements that are speeding up the global deployment of AI-based applications

Machine learning (ML) models that are larger and more effective will be essential in meeting the new demands of workloads involving AI acceleration

High bandwidth density and low power consumption are supported via electrical I/O, or copper trace connectivity

Optical I/O solutions such as Intel’s OCI chiplet could offer this kind of enhanced performance and energy efficiency to AI scalability