Order the Gigabyte Z890 Xtreme AI Motherboard!

Gigabyte's Z890 Xtreme AI TOP appears to be a solid motherboard for enthusiasts building high-end computers with Intel's soon-to-be-released Arrow Lake CPUs

Voltage regulator modules (VRMs) with powerful architectures power and overclock CPUs

PCIe 5.0 x4 connectivity and many M.2 slots allow for high-performance NVMe solid-state SSDs

Newest wireless networking technology, Wi-Fi 6E. For wired networking, several 2.5GbE or even 10GbE Ethernet ports

It is likely that the Z890 Xtreme AI will include numerous DDR5 RAM slots that support high speeds and capacities

A motherboard may have several fan headers for connecting CPU coolers and case fans for unique cooling systems for optimal heat management

The label “AI TOP” may allude to features that enable overclocking using AI power