Paris Navigo Card  on Apple Wallet

After connecting a Paris Navigo card to Apple Wallet, customers may tap their iPhone or Apple Watch to ride the bus, train, metro, and more in Paris

Apple and Île-de-France Mobilités launched a fast, secure, and private way to buy Paris transit passes and add new Paris Navigo cards to Apple Wallets today

Apple Watch and iPhone users can tap and ride with Île-de-France Mobilités iOS app or Apple Wallet passes

Using Paris Navigo cards with Apple Wallet makes travelling simple and convenient

Apple never keeps track of customers’ travels, and the Navigo cards kept in Apple Wallet are confidential and safe

This week, Apple Maps will also start to offer real-time transit information for the Paris metro, RER, Paris tramway, RATP buses, and other transportation options

To pay for your travel on the metro, trains, buses and other public transport alternatives in the Paris region, just tap your iPhone or Watch at the scanner