PC cooling fans CORSAIR RS MAX Series: 30mm thick

The RS MAX Series is a great option for PC builders who want to maximize performance without increasing noise levels in their system

RS MAX Series, you can precisely modify fan speeds without an additional controller thanks to a straightforward 4-pin PWM header connection

The RS MAX Series incorporates modern liquid crystal polymer materials, magnetic dome bearing technology, air guide technology, and an extremely accurate 0.8 mm frame-to-impeller spacing

These fans ensure optimal system performance for any cooler by forcefully and effortlessly pushing air through radiators

These fans are essential because they provide enough airflow in crowded spaces where airflow is impeded by radiators, heatsinks, and other parts

This improves cooling efficiency by enabling a bigger fan blade especially when compared to fans that are 25 mm thick

PWM signals transmitted by a fan controller or the motherboard are used to accomplish this control

The CORSAIR webstore and its global network of approved merchants and distributors are the current places to purchase the 120mm and 140mm sizes of the CORSAIR RS MAX Series