Phantom Tsushima directors cut with DLSS 3, DLAA, Reflex

DLAA uses a deep learning model built on a vast dataset of high-resolution images. This model can detect and smooth jagged edges, creating a crisper image

DLAA increases image quality but decreases performance compared to no anti-aliasing. For users with powerful RTX graphics cards, the performance loss may be worth the visual boost

Director’s Cut and Homeworld 3, offer the ultimate first-hand experience thanks to Nvidia most recent Game Ready Driver

All that separates mainland Japan from a vast Mongol invasion fleet under the command of the ruthless and crafty general Khotun Khan is Tsushima Island

Director’s Cut, which launches on May 16th, supports Nvidia portfolio of game-improving technologies right out of the box

NVIDIA Reflex can also be enabled by GeForce gamers, and it can be used on GeForce RTX and GeForce GTX GPUs with any combination of parameters

Reflex’s cutting-edge system latency reduction technology allowed GeForce gamers to play over 10 billion hours of their favourite games with improved responsiveness in 2023 alone