Pixel 9 Pro: Smartphone Future Unveiling

Google Pixel 9 Pro will include Samsung’s Exynos 5400 5G modem, which may fix those concerns

This baseband chip is expected to run faster and use less power than the Exynos 5300 in prior Pixel models

The Exynos 5400 is best known for supporting 3GPP Release 17, which allows 5G satellite-based communication

The company’s partnership with T-Mobile, which introduced the infrastructure with SpaceX

The Pixel 9 and Google Pixel 9 Pro enable satellite connectivity, but the link will only allow text-based communication not phone conversations

The Tensor G4 chipset from Google will be included in the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro, which is another update not included in the article

It might even be the main factor driving the surge in sales of the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro