PowerEdge T160/R770 CSP Scales Cloud Systems

The R670 and R770 CSP Edition cloud scale servers are designed for scale-out applications by cloud service providers (CSPs)

The 1U and 2U PowerEdge R670 and R770 CSP Edition servers represent a major Dell design and production advancement

These new systems use the DC-MHS architecture, or Data Centre Modular Hardware System

Dell’s R670 and R770 CSP Edition servers are powered by Intel Xeon 6 Processors with E-Cores

Dell Smart Cooling technology makes these servers ideal for big, multi-vendor data centres that must balance performance and power efficiency

Compact, environmentally friendly devices with powerful processing, the T160 and R260 offer twice the performance with Intel E-processors

Supports various storage options including SAS/SATA HDDs, NVMe SSDs (limited configurations compared to R770/R260)