Powerful Premium 4K TVs with MediaTek Pentonic 800 Engines

The Pentonic 800 is a new, premium 4KTV SoC that adheres to Pentonic’s core principles of powerful TV technologies

Unlike other smart TV platforms, the MediaTek Pentonic 800 has an integrated 4K MEMC engine, all-region demod, and TCON to properly convert media frame-rates and control timing

It supports global HDR standards, including the most recent versions of Dolby Precision IQ and HDR10+ Adaptive, and it features new Dolby Atoms Flex Connect

MediaTek’s 3rd generation AI-Super Resolution means that you can still enjoy stunning 4K visuals on the Pentonic 800

MediaTek Filogic Wi-Fi 6/7 choices offer dependable low-latency high-speed wireless connectivity, together with seamless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hybrid coexistence technology

The next-generation 4KTV SoC, the MediaTek Pentonic 800, offers class-leading picture quality, 165Hz displays, and powerful AI

MediaTek Pentonic 800 has greater peak clock speeds than Pentonic 700 and incorporates a more potent CPU, AI, GPU, and co-processors within its SoC