PowerScale F210 and F710 Storage Transformation

Today, Dell confirmed its promise by introducing the Dell PowerScale F210 and F710, two new nodes to the Dell all-flash range.

With the debut of the PowerScale F210 and PowerScale F710, PowerScale is bringing improved performance and efficiency

It will also help bring about a 2.6x improvement in high concurrency and latency sensitive workloads

In order to increase energy efficiency, the most recent platform from Dell makes use of a Smart Flow chassis to optimize airflow

Compared to the F600, the PowerScale F710 can hold up to ten drives in a 1U arrangement, 25% more nodes

Expanding on PowerScale’s NVMe all-flash line up with GPU direct and other embedded features such as non-disruptive scaling, multi-tenant capabilities

The team at Dell Technologies is prepared to apply artificial intelligence to your data wherever it may be stored