Prewave: AI-Boosting International Supply Chains

Prewave helps companies improve supply chain resilience, transparency, and sustainability

Prewave must therefore have a strong technological base that is dependable, safe, and extremely scalable in order to consistently meet this demand

Google Cloud managed services stood out for offering security, dependability, and availability while freeing us up to work on Prewave’s goal and create to a product

ESG hazards like forced labour are identified and mitigated to improve supply chain sustainability

Prewave uses this data to map google cloud clients’ supply chains from direct and tier-one suppliers all the way down to the suppliers of raw materials

They also avoid having to manually respond to hundreds of surveys in order to be eligible to conduct business with more partners thanks to this degree of visibility

This is because google cloud no longer have to worry about making sure that node pools are set up or that all available CPU power is being used effectively