Qualcomm AI research and CVPR 2024

Qualcomm Technologies will present five main track research papers, 11 co-located workshops, 10 demos, two co-organized workshops, and research community events at CVPR 2024 on Monday, June 17

Qualcomm Technologies has accepted several generative AI and perception papers that advance computer vision

At high computational cost, text-to-image diffusion algorithms create high-definition visual information quickly

The paper “Clockwork UNets for Efficient Diffusion Models” introduces Clockwork Diffusion to improve model efficiency

With low-power edge devices, the approach is scalable for real-world applications.The efficient generative AI for images and videos blog article discusses clockwork

In “DeCoTR: Enhancing Depth Completion with 2D and 3D Attentions,” Qualcomm AI Research achieved cutting-edge computer vision

Qualcomm demonstrate their generative AI and computer vision research in real life to prove its practicality. Visit booth #1931 to try these technologies

Stable Diffusion with LoRA adapters on Android smartphones is shown on generative AI