Qualcomm QCC730 revolutionises IoT battery life

Qualcomm processor-powered solutions are being showcased by over 35 companies, including distributors, autonomous software vendors

Qualcomm Technologies is introducing new products and solutions at Embedded World that are intended to empower its clients within the embedded ecosystem

A disruptive micro-power Wi-Fi system for Internet of Things connectivity, the Qualcomm QCC730, is also being unveiled by Qualcomm Technologies

This technological innovation can transform products in battery-powered industrial, commercial

The Qualcomm QCC730 SoC is an industry-leading micro-powered Wi-Fi solution for battery-powered IoT platforms, complementing high-performance, low-latency wireless connectivity

An open-source software SDK that can be found on CodeLinaro will power QCC730

To enable VSCode that is specifically tailored for QCC730, an open-source plugin for VSCode extensions will be made available