NVIDIA CUDA-Q programming CPUs, GPUs, and QPUs

With the release of the open-source NVIDIA CUDA-Q platform, NVIDIA declared that it will expedite quantum computing work at national supercomputing centres worldwide

NVIDIA CUDA-Q is an open-source platform that programmes GPUs, CPUs, and QPUs using a single programming model

NVIDIA CUDA-Q provides a single programming model for CPUs, GPUs, and QPUs to collaborate on hybrid applications

Integrates effortlessly with toolchains, modern GPU-accelerated programmes, and partner QPUs and GPU simulators

On four A100 GPUs, a 2500X speedup can mimic 26 qubits, and on 128 GPU nodes, 40 qubits

JSC's NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip-powered JUPITER supercomputer will utilise IQM Quantum Computers' QPU

With two PT-1 quantum photonics devices, PSNC’s QPUs will allow researchers to investigate biology, chemistry, and machine learning