Raptor Lake-HX gets Intel Core i5-14450HX refresh!

With the release of its next-generation Meteor Lake CPUs, Intel has made a significant advancement in the dynamic field of laptop processors The H series is the only model available right now, and its power dissipation (PBP) is capped at 45 watts

The Ascent of Raptor Lake-HX What to Anticipate An Overview of the Vibrant M15 24 A Colorful M15 24 equipped with an Intel Core i5-14450HX was recently put through a thorough test at Geekbench

Even with this improvement, the performance measurements are only slightly better, matching the almost same features of the Core i5-14450HX over its immediate predecessor. The multi-thread scores reached 11,026 points, while the single-core results peaked at 1776 points

The powerful Core i9-14900HX, with eight performance cores and sixteen efficiency cores, is at the front of the field. Its remarkable 200 MHz clock rate jump allows it to surpass its predecessor, the Core i9-13980HX, and reach an astounding 5.8 GHz

There are a lot of  circulating that suggest Raptor Lake-HX will soon be released, maybe during CES At least five different chips are anticipated to be part of the speculated processor family

Given that Intel is still releasing iGPUs with up to 32 execution units, it is clear that the Raptor Lake-HX series is designed specifically for laptops that have dedicated GPUs

This calculated action guarantees top performance for graphically demanding programs, meeting the needs of both professional and gaming user bases

Raptor Lake-HX is a reliable ally for individuals seeking power beyond the ordinary, even as Meteor Lake leads the way. Intel is still reshaping the laptop processor market to meet the varied demands of professionals and gamers