Realme C65 5G Quick-Charging 5000mAh Battery

India will soon be able to purchase the Realme C65 5G. With this particular smartphone, the display resolution is 6300, and the refresh rate is 120Hz

The Realme C65 5G is another groundbreaking smartphone from the company

The battery capacity of this Realme C65 5G is 5000mAh, allowing for extended use

Realme C65 5G is now available at a price of ₹6,999, which is significantly lower than its typical price of roughly ₹10,000

The company said on X that the Realme C65 4G will cost less than Rs 10,000 in India after its global launch

This eight-core processor has 2.4GHz primary cores. Smartphone’s LCD display will be 6.67 inches and 120 Hz, according to X

An large 5000mAh battery will be included in the Realme C65 5G, which will not require any additional power support