Red Hat Services Interconnect and IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh


In order to successfully navigate the complex world of modern enterprise applications, it is necessary for there to be collaboration between various personas in order to effectively manage complexity

DevOps is typically responsible for initiating requests, which are then reviewed by teams from CloudOps, NetOps, SecOps, and FinOps

The goal of Red Hat Services Interconnect (RHSI), which is based on the well-known open-source project Skupper, is to make the hybrid cloud connectivity that applications require more straightforward

The technology that lies beneath Red Hat Services Interconnect (RHSI) is responsible for reducing the dependence on the mechanisms of the L3 layer in order to create application tunnels

Red Hat Services Interconnect (RHSI) focuses on the creation of application-level tunnels at a higher layer and employs a well-known messaging infrastructure to transport them at a layer above IP

Hybrid Cloud Mesh that supports the use of Red Hat Services Interconnect (RHSI) gateways and simplifies application connectivity and security across platforms, clusters, and clouds is something that IBM are very excited to present