Redefining Smart Retail Experiences: Genio 510

A range of IoT chipsets called MediaTek Genio IoT is designed to enable and lead the way for innovative gadgets

They will be showcasing the recently released MediaTek Genio 510 SoC in one of their demos

The Genio 510 will offer high-efficiency solutions in AI performance, CPU and graphics, 4K display, rich input/output, and 5G

Industrial HMI covers ruggedized tablets for smart agriculture, healthcare, EV charging infrastructure, factory automation

Modern visual quality support for two cameras built on MediaTek’s tried-and-true technologies

The Genio 510 uses more than 50% less power and provides over 250% more CPU performance than the direct alternative

The MediaTek Genio 510 is an effective IoT platform designed for Edge AI, interactive retail, smart homes, industrial, and commercial uses