Review of Predator Hermes RGB DDR5-6800 C32

Hermes RGB DDR5-6800 C32, the newest DDR5 memory from Predator Storage, appears to be competitive and ready to take on the best RAM available

The aluminum heat spreader on the Hermes memory modules is available in white, silver, or black. Its thickness of 1.9 mm aids in the dissipation of heat

An additional 40 x 40mm cooling fan is available for Predator Storage, along with a bracket and screws to attach it to your motherboard and add additional cooling for the modules

Given that the Hermes memory modules are 51.20mm (2.02 inches) tall, especially if you’re using a large air cooler, you should consider the clearance space for your CPU cooler

The SK Hynix integrated circuits (ICs) are the H5CG48AGBDX018 (A-die) models, which are excellent for overclocking

The DRAM voltage and required timings will be set to 1.4V and 32-45-45-108, respectively, by the DDR5-6800 profile

AMD system, on the other hand, pairs the Ryzen 7 7700X with the MSI MPG X670E Carbon WiFi, which has been updated to the 7D70v18 firmware