RISC-V GPU Advances to Manage CPU and NPU Tasks

A new RISC-V microprocessor is capable of handling CPU, GPU, and NPU tasks concurrently

It is intended to perform a range of tasks, such as artificial intelligence (AI), that would typically be performed by dedicated CPUs and GPUs

The new hybrid CPU/GPU is intended to be a “jack of all trades” machine

The goal of this new RISC-V CPU and RISC-V GPU is to give manufacturers an open chip architecture that can handle whatever workload they want

The chip from X-Silicon is unique from previous architectures since it integrates a GPU and CPU into a single-core architecture

The chip makes use of the C-GPU architecture from X-Silicon, which combines GPU acceleration with a vector CPU core that is RISC-V

This results in higher performance and low-memory footprint execution since there is no data copying between the GPU and CPU memory spaces