S3 Express One Zone Data Events

AWS CloudTrail is used to keep track of data events that occur in the Amazon S3 Express One Zone

This new feature allows you to easily identify the source of the API calls and immediately ascertain which S3 Express One Zone items were created, read, updated

To manage data events for every S3 directory bucket, you can select Log all events as my log selector template

Log files are published by CloudTrail to an S3 bucket in a gzip archive, where they are arranged in a hierarchical structure according to the bucket name, account ID

Upon examining the third file pertaining to the event that corresponds to the PutObject command issued through the AWS CLI

The CloudTrail console, CLI, or SDKs can be used to setup CloudTrail data event tracking for S3 Express One Zone

All AWS Regions with current availability for S3 Express One Zone can use CloudTrail data event logging