Sabrent Rocket 5 2TB: Content Creator SSD

The Sabrent Rocket 5 is incredibly fast and has some unique features that set it apart from other drives like the Crucial T705

This enables the drive to surpass previous versions such as the Crucial T700, Gigabyte Aorus Gen5 10000, and Corsair MP700

The Sabrent Rocket 5 doesn’t break any new records when compared to the T705, it does produce some interesting results in our sustained writing testing

The first 8TB PCI e 5.0 drive would be a significant accomplishment, but at this point they don’t even want to consider the cost of such a drive

The latter is helpful if you already have a system in place for imaging and cloning

The DRAM is an LPDDR4 package with 4GB capacity from SK Hynix

This is the typical amount of DRAM for Phi son E26 drives, yet it’s double what most 2TB SSDs are supposed to have