Samsung 9th-gen V-NAND SSD: Storage Future

The Sun and Earth are by no means at the centre of the universe’s development, as there are more than 170 billion known galaxies that are continuously expanding

A miniature universe can be observed by using an electron microscope to examine a semiconductor chip that is smaller than the size of a fingernail

The world’s first company to design and market a memory solution of this kind is Samsung

This 3D V-NAND entered the market , revolutionising memory semiconductors from the 2D structure that had dominated electronic storage for decades

Small variations in functionality and structure can be seen even in cases where the number of layers is comparable

The revolutionary double-stack structure of the V-NAND enhances productivity with cutting-edge “channel hole etching” technology

Samsung increased the bit density of the Samsung 9th generation V-NAND by roughly 50% over the 8th-generation V-NAND