Samsung Galaxy S24 vs Galaxy S23

Both variants include Corning’s Gorilla Glass Victus for scratch resistance and durability Titanium on the Galaxy S24 feels tougher and more luxurious than aluminum on the S23

 While the S24’s enhanced hardware and software integration lead to somewhat improved energy management, both versions provide all-day battery life

The Galaxy S24 includes a titanium frame, better optical zoom, the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, and longer battery life than the Galaxy S23

The actual size is still pleasantly small in spite of this change Both versions include an aluminum frame, however the matte-finished Armor Aluminum of the Galaxy S24

When compared to the Galaxy S23, this improvement greatly enhances visibility outside A 1Hz–120Hz variable refresh rate, another first for the Galaxy S series, allows the Galaxy S24

Although the Galaxy S24 and S23 have identical camera setups, the S24 has access to “Galaxy AI,” which offers more sophisticated picture processing

The S23’s RAM doesn’t change, but the new CPU promises increased speed and economy But software integration is where the Galaxy S24 really excels

generative AI elements integrated into a number of applications, it has AI capabilities beyond productivity and provides a window into the future