Samsung Galaxy Watch X

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch X is being hotly anticipated in the smartwatch market

Despite silence, reports and leaks imply the Apple Watch Ultra and other flagship smartwatches may be challenged

Smartwatch, fitness, and health tracking have long distinguished Samsung Galaxy Watches X. The next Galaxy Watch 7 was expected to have a “Ultra” edition

Its 100-meter water resistance makes it a dive watch. This would compete with the Apple Watch Ultra 2's water resistance

Leaks suggest it could feature a 100-hour battery life and a larger battery than the Galaxy Watch 7 series

Samsung watch and Galaxy ecosystem work well. Samsung phones, Galaxy Buds, and other devices can connect with the Galaxy Watch X

The Galaxy Watch X's release date is uncertain. Rumours say it will debut on July 24, 2024, or late June, 2024, alongside the next Samsung foldables

Also impressive is the Samsung Galaxy Watch X's display. The watch's AMOLED display is easy to see in sunlight. Displays look good with Corning Gorilla Glass