Samsung ISOCELL HP9 Modernises Telephoto

Three new mobile image sensors, the ISOCELL HP9, ISOCELL GNJ, and ISOCELL JN5, are intended for use with smartphones’ primary and secondary cameras

According to Jesuk Lee, Executive Vice President and CTO of Samsung Electronics‘ System LSI Sensor Business Team

The ISOCELL HP9’s high resolution allows for lossless or minimal-loss zoom, which maintains image clarity even while enlarging on far-off objects

ISOCELL HP9 performs exceptionally well in low light, which solves a problem that classic telephoto cameras sometimes face

The ISOCELL HP9 can be used with telephoto modules due to its large optical format

With a 29% improvement in preview mode and a 34% improvement in video mode at 4K 60 frames per second

Robust Camera Experience From All Viewpoints With Wide Colour Gamut and Superior Autofocus