Samsung New ISOCELL Vizion Sensors for Robotics and XR

Two new ISOCELL Vizion sensors the global shutter sensor, the ISOCELL Vizion 931, and the time-of-flight (ToF) sensor, the ISOCELL Vizion 63D were unveiled today by Samsung Electronics, a global pioneer in innovative semiconductor technology

Haechang Lee, Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics‘ Next Generation Sensor Development Team, stated, “With their cutting-edge sensor technologies, Samsung’s ISOCELL Vizion 63D and ISOCELL Vizion 931 will be essential in facilitating machine vision

Designed to Capture Exceptionally Detailed High-Resolution 3D Images, the ISOCELL Vizion 63D

The Vizion 63D is perfect for high-resolution and accurate depth measuring applications such as facial verification, XR devices, and industrial and service robots

The ISOCELL Vizion 63D obtains high Video Graphics Array (VGA) resolution (640×480) within a 1/6.4″ optical format, which makes it a perfect fit for small, portable devices It is based on the industry’s smallest 3.5 pixel size in iToF sensors

Additionally, the ISOCELL Vizion 63D’s measurable distance range has been greatly increased from five meters to ten thanks to the support for both flood (high-resolution at short range) and spot (long-range) lighting modes

Due to its ability to capture clear, distorted images of moving objects, the ISOCELL Vizion 931 is a great choice for motion-tracking applications in XR gadgets, gaming systems, robotic service and logistics, and drones