Samsung’s Galaxy Book4 Integrates Microsoft Magic

Samsung recently celebrated the launch of its most sophisticated and potent PC portfolio to date the Galaxy Book4 series

Samsung has been pushing the boundaries of what a PC can accomplish and working with Microsoft to develop new, seamless connected experiences

Microsoft Copilot establishes a seamless connection between your smartphone and the Galaxy Book4 series by utilizing sophisticated and intuitive artificial intelligence features

With the Galaxy Book4 series, you can access smartphone functions and information faster and more intelligently without having to turn on your phone and launch each individual app

Due to the growing popularity of hybrid working, video conferencing is a standard practice for teamwork. With the Galaxy Book4 series, you can now use your phone’s camera to function as a PC webcam

You may use the powerful cameras on Galaxy smartphones to participate in video chats on virtual conference programs like Microsoft Teams

You may apply a number of phone features to your conversation, such as Auto-framing and Background Blur, which can help you project a professional image in any setting