Scalable Managed Messaging from Google Cloud Pub Sub

The fully managed, AI-ready multi-cloud data analytics platform BigQuery is one of Google Cloud's most popular and unique solutions

BigQuery Omni's unified management interface lets you query AWS or Azure data and view results in Google Cloud

Next, Pub/Sub supports import topics for one-click external streaming ingestion. This enables real-time cloud data integration and transfer

Pub/Sub can send messages to GKE, Compute Engine, and on-premises. It naturally ties to Cloud Functions and Run

Import topics simplify Amazon Kinesis Data Streams to Pub/Sub and BigQuery multi-cloud analytics

Create an import topic using these thorough steps. The Google Cloud console and numerous official Pub/Sub frameworks support import topics

If a subject has no subscriptions and message retention is off, Pub/Sub may drop messages

Select “Create Subscription” on the Pub/Sub console's subscribers page to transfer data to BigQuery