Scale and Simplify AI Workflows with AI Workbench NVIDIA

The need for instruments to streamline and enhance the development of generative AI is rapidly increasing

RAG improves the quality and dependability of generative AI models by combining facts from external sources and customised models

The RTX AI Toolkit, announced at COMPUTEX earlier this month, includes software development kits and tools for upgrading, personalising, and integrating AI features

Free AI Workbench NVIDIA enables users design, test, and prototype AI applications for GPU systems such workstations, laptops, data center’s, and clouds

Numerous LLMs are supported by this Workbench Project and may be found on NVIDIA’s GitHub website

The Llama-factory AI Workbench Project allows model quantization using an easy-to-use graphical user interface and QLoRa, a memory-saving fine-tuning technique, for a variety of models

After the model is optimized, it can be quantized to reduce memory footprint and increase performance