Seagate Exos CORVAULT

Seagate distributed storage solutions boost performance, scalability, and reliability, helping Holon thrive in the digital agea

Larger 30TB hard drives and the Seagate Mozaic 3+ architecture have made CORVAULT crucial in overcoming cluster capacity

OSNexus can deliver erasure-coded logical devices using CORVAULT, which can quadruple cluster capacity to 360PB

Seagate Exos CORVAULT and Perifery object storage provide management-free scaling, workflow integration, and S3 APIs

Hammerspace solves fragmented data issues across distant settings with policy-based data orchestration and uniform global file access

Depending on certain requirements, the price might vary from approximately $111,926 for a pre-configured solution

Because of its software-defined architecture, Hammerspace can scale to meet the needs of many types of storage infrastructures