Self-Managed PostgreSQL Loses to AlloyDB in Cloud

PostgreSQL database is an open-source, relational database management system that is highly developed

Google Cloud's fully managed, enterprise-grade AlloyDB for PostgreSQL maintains compatibility with the PostgreSQL database engine while introducing several upgrades

Google Cloud Next 24 showed AlloyDB's 4x transactional performance on the same instance and 2x price-performance over self-managed PostgreSQL

Google Cloud added adaptive vacuum management, automated memory management, transactional, and query processing layers to PostgreSQL's kernel

Compute Engine CPU scaling and IOPS limits hinder large-scale PostgreSQL data handling

The same local colossus storage is used by AlloyDB compute instances in a cluster

It is not necessary to pre-provision AlloyDB’s storage capacity and set up additional space for IOPS

you can use AlloyDB as a single datastore for workloads related to transactional, analytical, and vector databases