SHF+ quantum computing platform from Zurich Instruments

Zurich Instruments developed a platform called SHF+ specifically for quantum computing technology

Better performance for qubits the fundamental units of quantum computing is promised by the SHF+

SHF+ is primarily intended for researchers who are creating large-scale quantum processors and high-quality qubits

Zurich Instruments is working with top labs to ensure the platform can support quantum technology development

A new benchmark for high-fidelity qubit control and readout is established by the SHF+ product line

Zurich Instruments is optimal for quantum advantage since the SHFQC+ Qubit Controller, SHFSG+ Signal Generator, and SHFQA+ Quantum Analyzer have modified front ends

The new quick output muting capability further muffles output channels between pulses for tests on even the most sensitive qubits

LabOne Q, the software foundation for quantum computing that speeds up your progress in the lab, is included with all SHF+ devices