Nvidia Quantum Simulator's Advanced Features

NVIDIA has introduced a cloud service that enables scientists and engineers to explore the limits of quantum computing in important scientific fields including materials science, chemistry, and biology

NVIDIA’s Quantum Simulation Platform is accessible via major cloud providers and may help scientists advance research in quantum computing and algorithms

Three-quarters of the businesses deploying quantum processing units, or QPUs, utilize the open-source CUDA-Q quantum computing technology, which forms the foundation of NVIDIA Quantum Cloud

The open-source CUDA-Q quantum computing technology, which underpins NVIDIA Quantum Cloud, is used by three-quarters of QPU deployments

Over heterogeneous QPU, CPU, GPU, and simulated quantum system parts, CUDA-Q accelerates system scalability and performance

Researchers may link their own simulator or quantum processor, or they can use the cuQuantum-accelerated simulation backends and QPUs from their partners

Using several GPUs, quantum algorithms may scale the number of qubits and reach speedups of up to 2500X over CPU

The NVIDIA Cloud-Native Supercomputing platform combines high-speed, low-latency NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand networking with the NVIDIA BlueField data processing unit (DPU) architecture