Simple and Scale AI/ML Workloads: Ray on Vertex AI GA

Scaling AI/ML workloads presents numerous significant issues for developers and engineers. Obtaining the necessary AI infrastructure is one of the challenges

Google Cloud is pleased to announce that Ray, a powerful distributed Python framework, and Vertex AI have integrated and are currently available

This integration maximises distributed computing, machine learning, and data processing by letting AI developers scale their workloads on Vertex AI's flexible infrastructure

Ray's distributed computing platform, which integrates with Vertex AI's infrastructure services, provides a single predictive and generative AI experience

Vertex AI's robust security architecture may help Ray applications meet business security standards

Ray on Vertex AI lets you quickly create a Ray cluster using the terminal or Vertex AI SDK for Python before fine-tuning. Gemma

Using the Vertex AI SDK for Python, you can use Colab Enterprise or any other preferred IDE to connect to the Ray cluster and run your application interactively

There are many advantages to using Ray on Vertex AI for creating AI/ML applications. In this case, your tuning jobs can be validated by using Vertex AI TensorBoard