Six Ways AI Improves Pixel: Pixel Circle Search

Gemini can save you time browsing and skimming through webpages if all you need is the main content

Your favourite take of yourself wishing your best friend a happy birthday gets ruined by a dog barking in the background as you’re recording

With the Pixel 6 and above, you can now get more information without switching apps by tapping

Use it by holding down the navigation bar and then highlighting the text, image, or video that you want more information about, either by circling it or in another way

The “Fix it” chip will immediately show up on the suggestion bar if the feature detects any mistakes

Simple digital document creation is possible from paper copies of contracts, receipts, or anything else you wish to distribute, share, or keep on file

Auto capture can swiftly recognise and scan the edges of your paper if all you want to do is fast snap a picture of that receipt