SK Hynix M15X Fab Expands Korean Chip Production

SK Hynix said that it intends to increase production capacity of the next-generation DRAM, including HBM, a crucial part of the AI infrastructure

The semiconductor industry feels that the DRAM market has entered a growth period that is between the medium and long term

The company anticipates that demand for general DRAM will be on a continuous climb, led by high-capacity DDR5 module goods for servers

SK Hynix came to the conclusion that growing DRAM capabilities with a particular emphasis on HBM is a must for future expansion.

The M15X is in the greatest possible situation for optimising HBM production because it is situated in close proximity to the M15

This technology connects higher and lower chips by means of an electrode that travels vertically through the base logic chip and DRAM chips

The development of the infrastructure, which includes everything from roads to power and water, is also picking up speed