SK Hynix's ZUFS 4.0 NAND Solution

According to SK Hynix, the ZUFS 4.0 is the greatest product of its kind on the market and is optimised for on-device AI from mobile devices like smartphones

In the third quarter, SK Hynix plans to start mass producing the ZUFS 4.0 with the goal of supplying different on-device AI smartphones for international businesses

ZUFS 4.0 uses a unique architecture to carefully arrange and store smartphone data in zones that are chosen based on certain criteria, thereby addressing these issues

ZUFS 4.0 dramatically lowers read and write latencies by allocating commonly utilised AI data to zones that are easily accessible

By intelligently controlling write operations across many zones, ZUFS 4.0 lessens this problem

This keeps the storage device operating at a steady state for a longer period of time and increases its lifespan

This technology has the ability to completely transform a number of smartphone usage characteristics, improving the efficiency and smoothness of AI-powered features