Small Form Factor Ready Eager GeForce Cards

Stylish cases allow Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs to fit into media centers, be brought to LAN parties, and be exhibited on desks

This means knowing if a graphics card is SFF-compatible requires guessing and research. GeForce RTX cards come in many sizes

NVIDIA is developing a Small Form Factor-Ready standard for GeForce RTX enthusiast graphics cards and cases to ease component selection

ASUS is excited to work with NVIDIA to deliver powerful performance in small, space-saving designs

The SFF-Ready Enthusiast GeForce graphics cards and enclosures from NVIDIA let PC enthusiasts fully utilise Small Form Factor technology

SFF-Ready Enthusiast GeForce Cards” and cases “Compatible with Small Form Factor-Ready Enthusiast GeForce Cards

GeForce RTX 40 Series enthusiast graphics cards from NVIDIA, ASUS, GALAX, GIGABYTE, INNO3D, MSI, Palit, PNY, and Zotac are SFF-Ready

Small Form Factor-Ready Enthusiast GeForce Card cases must have enough area for the card, power connector, and other PC components