Songs from creation by Google Lyria Deepmind

The Dream Track tool, which YouTube has made public, is an artificial intelligence-powered platform

A YouTube experimental tool that allows you to compose brief music pieces using artificial intelligence especially for your YouTube Shorts films

Google Lyria, the most sophisticated music generating model developed by Google DeepMind

Dream Track initially featured the sounds of a number of well-known musicians who chose to participate in the experiment

Dream Track makes use of Google Lyria, a potent AI model for music creation from Google DeepMind

Prompt-driven production Dream Track allows you to construct a track based on a few keywords

Creators could choose styles inspired by these artists. Some of the collaborators included Sia, T-Pain, Charli XCX, and Demi Lovato

Creators remained involved while Google Lyria did the heavy lifting. They might instruct the AI to create the ideal music mood or genre