SQBM+ Optimization from Toshiba Facilitates Success on Azure

SQBM+: An Optimization Solution Inspired by Quantum Theory Toshiba Corporation created SQBM+, a software-based optimization tool for handling challenging combinatorial

SQBM+ for Azure, a version of Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation’s SQBM+ software tailored for Microsoft Corporation’s Azure Marketplace, was released today

SQBM+ for Azure complements the version already offered on Amazon Web Services, demonstrating Toshiba Digital Solutions’ commitment to providing SQBM+ to clients operating in various IT environments

The Simulated Bifurcation Machine, a combinatorial optimization solution based on Toshiba Corporation’s quantum-inspired Simulated Bifurcation Algorithm, is the source of SQBM+

Toshiba Group and its partners were able to confirm the viability of quasi-quantum computing and its application 

Toshiba Digital Solutions wants to help solve challenging issues by using SQBM+ in a variety of domains

All queries are processed rapidly by the user-only SQBM+ instance Users have complete control over the resource and all of its features, including auto-scale, redundancy, and start/stop, since it is a unique copy

SQBM+ Version 2 increases scalability, speed, and accuracy and supports 10 million variables