Stable Diffusion on MEG Trident X2 and MPG Infinite

The Generate AI technique is the foundation for numerous services and applications, including ChatGPT, Runway, Midjourney, and others

The most potent GPU, the NVIDIA RTX 4090, is used by the MSI MEG Trident X2 and MPG Infinite X2.

To access the git website and obtain the “64-bit Git for Windows Setup” after that. and put it in place. Continue clicking Next to complete the installation of the tool

To install Python 3.10.6 for Stable Diffusion operation by going to the Python website. Get the “Windows installer (64-bit)” file

To install Stable Diffusion web UI, type the following command line: “git clone”

To initialize the application, you must download the models after installing Stable Diffusion. You can find free models to use thanks to the abundance of AI model communities on the internet.

To access the quick menu, navigate to the stable-diffusion-webui folder and right-click the webui-user.bat file. After selecting “edit,” type “–xformers” behind “set COMMANDLINE_ARGS=” and save the file