Steam Deck SSD Upgrade Guide

The Valve Steam Deck’s SSD may not be enough as your game collection expands. Seagate M.2 NVMe SSDs serve long-term benefits

By upgrading your SSD, your Steam Deck can handle modern gaming and store all your favourite games efficiently

Some current games require 100GB of storage. Choose an SSD size that fits your games and allows growth

Make area for Steam Deck OS and system files. These take up a small portion of the SSD, but they need space to run

Seagate FireCuda Steam Deck NVMe SSD has 1TB of storage and 4,800MB/s high-octane read/write capabilities

To protect your game library and extend drive life, choose an SSD that is durable and reliable

Seagate SSDs have 1.8 million hours between failures, providing years of trouble-free operation