How to Stop Cyberattacks in 10 Steps

In a time when technology dominates maritime operations, cyberattack protection is crucial

Combine symbols and alphanumeric letters to create a hacker-resistant password. Remember that complex passwords are tougher for hackers to crack

When feasible, use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to provide an extra layer of protection on top of passwords

This additional precaution greatly increases the difficulties for hackers trying to compromise marine systems

When responding to unsolicited emails or communications in marine environments, proceed with caution

Phishing tactics are often used by hackers to trick crew members into clicking on dangerous links or divulging private information

Protect the integrity of your nautical data by using secure Wi-Fi networks and avoiding open, unprotected ones

Cyber attacks may have their origins on public networks. Make sure the network on your ship is secure by setting strong passwords and turning on encryption