Striim and BigQuery Secure UPS Delivery with AI

UPS Capital is using artificial intelligence (AI) and Google’s Data Cloud to protect parcels against porch piracy

UPS Capital has significantly evolved into a comprehensive suite of solutions aimed at safeguarding businesses’ assets while they are in transit

UPS Capital has long provided clients with insurance solutions that act as a monetary safety net against shipment loss

BigQuery, Looker, and Vertex AI are being used by UPS to develop products that shield clients from danger by assisting them in preventing it in the first place

UPS Capital can create, refine, and apply models using Vertex AI's many tools to find patterns, predict trends, and gain valuable insights from its data

Striim and Google Cloud were chosen by UPS Capital to make it possible to use AI models with real-time data streams

UPS Capital’s DeliveryDefense Address Confidence, powered by Google BigQuery and Striim